Sunday, August 2, 2020

BuzzFeed Facebook page scam caught in Gwalior

BuzzFeed a foreign so-called advertising agency was caught doing fraud by Police in Gwalior. The agency runs with a phone number +1 (601) 851-2670 and use email id They scam you by saying we will provide ads on your Facebook page and fool you to get your page admin rights. Beware of these online scams and save your online FB pages. Some messages reported by Police by these scamsters -

Hello admin,
I'm wondering if you would be interested in paid advertisement for your Facebook page. If you are interested do let me know by replying to this email.

We use Facebook Business Advertising tools for sponsored advertising. We buy ads from Facebook in bulk form and distribute over the internet. That's what our company does! We will provide you the ads (if you are willing to work with us of course) and you will handle the ads all by yourself on your Facebook Business page. We have multinational brands ads like Nike Puma Pepsi Coke etc,
We offer weekly payout of $600.

We will send you 10 created ads on daily basis and you will choose any 1 of them and place it by yourself and get paid for the ad placement

Alright. For further assistance I need to request Facebook to send you invitation mail for joining our Advertising Account. Where you will add your page for approval by Facebook team.
If you are interested then reply to this email.

So now if you are completely ready to get started provide us email which is connected with your Facebook page so we will forward it to Facebook advertising team to send you verification mail so you may go through it and get started with work after you are done with process

Great! If you have business account then you should add us there by inviting our mailing address because we use business tools like add our ad account and set up ad campaign there. After setting it up you can surely send us your payment method and details.